History made like 15 million British citizens gets vaccinated

In a historic announcement, the vaccine minister in the UK has said more than 15 million people have been vaccinated. He praised the recent developments in vaccines for this feat.  15 million Britons vaccinated - Vaccine Minister  About 15 million UK citizens have been given their first jab of the COVID-19 vaccine which has been hailed by many as a great milestone. The UK's Prime Minister said this excellent feat was done in less than two months after their first dose was administered in mid-December. This comes as the British government will announce on Friday how it is pledged to offer every citizen their vaccines.  These vaccinations have been expanded to elders over 60s and those who are medically vulnerable. In a widely shared video, Minister Johnson praised the efforts of the NHS and other health officials who have made this possible. Wales although with a lower population has also given jabs to more than 30% of its population.  Minister promises more will be vaccinated before it... Read