Exploring the Future of Customer Service: Interactive Voice Response Systems

As we navigate through the digital era, companies are compelled to redefine their approach towards customer service in order to adapt and thrive. One of the key players influencing this evolution is Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems. This technology has revolutionized customer interaction by providing quick, efficient, and tailored responses to queries. But what does the future hold for IVR systems? How will they continue to shape consumer experiences? Join us on this exploration as we d... Read

North Korea is suspected of hacking the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine

Microsoft has accused North Korea of attempting to hack the Oxford vaccine. This was supported by South Korean intelligence reports which affirmed that Pyongyang hackers tried to steal the vaccines.  North Korea's hacker attempted stealing AstraZeneca vaccine - intelligence  In twisted news, the North Korean government has been accused of trying to hack the COVID-19 technology using some of their top hackers. This allegation was made by intelligence agents in South Korea. However, they didn't re... Read